French network of hepatic tumor biobanks
Sunday, April 11, 2021

The network

The Liver cancer biobanks network was launched in 2003. The multi-disciplinary group gathers basic and clinical researchers involved in the study and treatments of livers tumors, namely cellular and molecular biologists, geneticists, hepatologists, surgeons, pathologists and epidemiologists.

The main objective of the network is to implement a prospective biobank of hepatocellular carcinomas. Furthermore, the collection will be extended to other liver tumors. The standardization of procedures is a main challenge and includes the collection, preservation and distribution of both tissue samples and their associated information (annotations) from epidemiological, clinical, biological and pathological examinations. Indeed, the assurance-quality of both biological resources and relevant information is mandatory for basic, translational and clinical investigations devoted to the identification of biomarkers and innovative drug targets.

The network coordinates both logistical aspects and the management of a central data base, for supplying tumors samples and related information with the highest quality. Specific procedures are available and include examination of protocols by a Scientific Advisory Committee for the release of the most appropriate samples depending on the objectives of the study.

The Liver cancer biobanks network develops a strong policy for assurance-quality-traceability. It was certified on August 24, 2011 according to the NFS 96-900 AFNOR standards (
AFNOR certification

A list of recent papers which were published in international journals by members of the network is available: Here


To improve the visibility of biobanks, the "Bioresource Research Impact Factor" (BRIF) group agreed with publishers to identify biobanks with a unique identifier in scientific papers. The BRIF number must be mentioned in the Materials and Methods, the Acknowledgements and in the References of the articles, thus allowing the browser to identify the biobank that has provided the biological samples.

The BRIF number attributed to the French Liver Biobanks network is:BB-0033-00085

All the publications and communications (oral or poster) should mention the BRIF number in the Materials and Methods and the Acknowledgements sections, as follows:

« The French Liver Biobanks network – INCa, BB-0033-00085 ».

Any use of the logo and/or mention of the French Liver Biobanks network is subject to a written authorization. Please contact us by email. Send an email

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