EUropean CLInical Trials Platform & Development (EUCLID) is an academic F-CRIN-labelled facility, involved in successful collaborations with academia and industry, aiming to support the sponsor/investigator duo in implementing international clinical trials.

The platform provides the full range of clinical trial management activities from study design to reporting to Competent Authorities and dissemination. EUCLID is based in Southwestern France and nested within INSERM and Bordeaux University Hospital (CHUB). It unites existing regional resources with clinical research expertise, also including Limoges University Hospital, Bordeaux University and Bergonié Institute.

EUCLID’s expertise, was acquired through over 20 years of successful international experience in the competitive research fields of HIV, of vaccinology as part of the Vaccine Research Institute, Cancer, Alzheimer and other neuro-degenerative diseases, and Medical Devices. We are now transferring this expertise to other diseases, and offer a comprehensive suite of global services needed at all clinical development stages. Our key feature is to be able to provide methodological innovative and tailored solutions for trial design since we are located in the heart of the institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED) hosting an INSERM centre of proven excellence in biostatistical and epidemiological research. In addition, EUCLID platform offers support to develop protocols, obtain funding, seek ethical and regulatory approval, manage logistics (support to investigators or monitoring activities for sponsors), sub contract services for drug management or imaging studies, ensure safety, manage small and large databases, conduct statistical analyses and write statistical and scientific reports and articles. Our main mandate is to contribute to strengthening and expanding the evidence base for healthcare both nationally and internationally.

EUCLID components existing quality management systems are integrated into a common quality management system to comply with the highest standards, in particular EUCLID’s participants are engaged in an ISO 9001:2008 certification approach.  EUCLID is a certified ECRIN Data Management Centre. Trial management activities are conducted at the highest standard of quality, and our routine services include data management, highly secured data storage, statistical analysis reports and end-of-study reports, risk-based monitoring approaches, timely data quality control and performance reports, such as real-time event validation, real-time trial management and trial performance indicators.

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