EUCLID, EUropean CLInical Trials Platform & Development (EUCLID) is an academic F-CRIN-labelled facility, involved in successful collaborations with industry, aiming to support the sponsor/investigator duo in implementing international clinical trials.

The platform provides the full range of clinical trial management activities from study design to reporting to Competent Authorities and dissemination.

EUCLID is based in Southwestern France and united existing regional resources with clinical research expertise, i.e. INSERM, Hospital (CHUB), Bordeaux University, Bergonié Institute and Limoges University Hospital. EUCLID’s expertise, was acquired through over 20 years of successful international experience in competitive research fields.
F-CRIN, French component of ECRIN, was created to address the national and European challenge to « strengthen the most promising clinical research to Europe ». It is funded by the French government via the « Investissement d’Avenir ».

ECRIN, European Clinical research Infrastructure network, is a European infrastructure created to develop European clinical trials.