Why predict your risk
Today, scientific research on AMD has identified numerous factors related to the onset of this disease, some of which are modifiable: smoking and diet. By modifying these factors, it is possible to prevent onset and progression of AMD.
With a better understanding of each person's risk factors, we are now able to predict the individual risk of developing AMD. The advantage of predicting this risk and of identifying personal risk factors is to be able to offer personalized prevention and advices to reduce the risk of AMD. A more intensive ophthalmological follow-up may also be proposed to the people at high risk, in order to detect and treat AMD rapidly, if it occurs.
Simulate the risk of AMD
The interactive MacuTest tool presented below, will simulate the risk of AMD using five types of information.
- Heredity (genetic risk)
When you have parents or grandparents with AMD.
- Warning signs
Small abnormalities on the retina may be a sign of AMD.

In this risk group, less than one in 100 people will develop AMD within the next 10 years.
- Smoking
The risk is greatly increased among smokers.
- Food quality
We know today that food quality is involved in AMD.
Do you want to know your personalized risk?