The MacuTest prediction tool was developed by a group of 14 teams of high-level European researchers as part of the Eye-Risk project ( ). Four years of research and data from nearly 60,000 people were required to develop MacuTest.
The personal risk of developing an AMD proposed by MacuTest is based on a mathematical algorithm. This algorithm takes into account many risk factors for AMD, including age, warning signs, genetic factors, tobacco use and food quality. It has been developed and validated from real life data collected in major scientific studies involving nearly 6,000 people in the Netherlands and France. Our group of researchers is working on a daily basis to improve the prediction performance of this tool.
Eyerisk Project
Using a systems medicine approach, EYE-RISK aimed at identifying risk factors, molecular mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches for the AMD. Eye-Risk received funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation (project No 634479). This European Union programme supports the implementation of innovative and ambitious European projects. This project utilized epidemiological data describing clinical phenotype, molecular genetics, lifestyle, food quality, and in-depth retinal imaging derived from existing longitudinal European epidemiological cohorts and biobanks to provide three major insights needed for long-lasting prevention and therapy of AMD
The EyeRisk project team at their meeting in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in February 2019
Project's objectives
- Development of robust algorithms utilizing genetic and non-genetic risk factors to identify personalized risks of developing advanced wet and dry AMD.
- Identification of novel biomarkers for further stratification of disease risks.
- Identification of molecular drivers / biological pathways relevant for onset and progression of advanced AMD in order to identify and validate new therapeutic targets.
New insights were used to elaborate preventive medical recommendations for high-risk subgroups of AMD patients.
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